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At TLC Concrete Crushing we have a wide range of customers from the commercial to the domestic.

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  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Landscaping
  • Building and Construction
  • Domestic
Our Customer Base

Farming and Agriculture

Concrete Crushing Farming and Agriculture

The farming industry is nearly synonymous with barns! Most barns have concrete floors. We can bring our crusher to site and help dispose of any concrete floors that may not be required any longer and generate crushed concrete from them which can either be taken off site or re-used as a base for other outbuildings. Our crusher can allow us to convert the concrete waste to either coarse material or finer material such as aggregate. This can be used for many purposes from hard standing to sub concrete bases

We have plant machinery too that we can bring to site to help break up the bits of concrete flooring to make them into more manageable sized blocks in order to feed into our concrete crusher hire. Our mobile concrete crushing unit makes it easy to take to any location accessible by pick up – because of this we can save you time and money by positioning the crusher exactly where it needs to be for minimal transportation with the digger.


Concrete Crushing Landscaping

Landscaping projects often require crushed concrete to lay down when building patios or hard standing areas. We can either bring the crushed concrete to site as we have a supply back at our yard or, if you have any concrete that you need broken up at the location, we can happily bring our concrete crusher to you.

Often when re-developing an area for a landscaping project you may find lots of rubble and hardcore that needs to be removed. Rather than remove it we can bring our concrete crusher to site and crush it – once crushed you can use to for your landscaping project thereby recycling old waste at the same time as saving yourself money.

If you are unsure as to whether your unwanted tarmac driveway or rubble is suitable for your landscaping project, please get in touch with us and send us some photographs and we can advise.

Building and Construction

Concrete Crushing Building and Construction

Building and construction by its’ very nature requires huge supply of concrete. Our concrete crusher can help the process twofold.

We can bring our crusher to site if you are demolishing buildings and replacing with others – once on site our concrete crusher can crush the broken up concrete that has been excavated and re-purpose it as sub base, aggregate or any other coarser material – in fact, dependent on your requirements we can provide crushed concrete to a certain size from 100 mm right down to 20mm or even dust. We therefore not only save you money from having to dispose of the rubble waste that is generated, but through the use of our crusher you can re-use what you have demolished in the form of crushed concrete.


If you’re having external or indeed, internal renovations at home, then it’s likely that you may need to order a skip in order to transport the rubble away. Why not recycle the rubble since you’re going to have to pay for a skip to take it away regardless.  You can  hire our concrete crusher which can then reduce the rubble to anything from 100mm size downwards. This can then either be used by yourself at a later date should you be doing any landscaping. We can bring in our concrete crusher to site – it’s very transportable and is small enough to access domestic properties.

Easy to travel to site

Because our concrete crusher is so portable, it can fit in small places – this makes us extremely flexible in terms of the locations we can work in.

Our concrete crusher can just hook up to the back of our truck just like any trailer.

Using our concrete crusher gives you an easy, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to reduce the cost and impact of your projects by re-using what you already have. There will be no need to hire skips or lorries to take away your waste since you will be recycling it on site.

We also provide additional groundworks services through our sister company, TLC Plant.

If you’d like any further information on anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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